We are a transnational partnership made up of researchers, youth workers and educators coming from Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Romania.    

Our EU-funded project aims at fostering a common reflection on the effects that ethnic, religious and gender discriminations implemented by authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in Europe and in European-ruled Overseas Territories had on people’s personal lives. The approval of national regulatory reforms aimed at discriminating people depriving them of equality before the law dramatically affected the emotional life and personal ties of many. Suddenly, differences in treatment were introduced, hindering the enjoyment of basic and fundamental rights in private lives and personal relationships:  consider, just as an example, the fate of interfaith marriages and the impact on the children born from those unions, or the forced transfers of population that divided families and led to the ending of long-lasting friendships and working relationships.     

These repercussions concern not only the civil and social dimension of individuals, but also their affections and emotions, namely what constitutes the essence of every human being. The reconstruction and recollection of personal stories and experiences of those affected by discriminatory laws and policies show us the inner vulnerability of human beings in the face of the implementation of arbitrary and artificial discriminatory provisions as well as the damaging effects that ethnic, religious and gender-based discrimination can cause at any time to the life of individuals.     

A reflection on the most painful pages of European history is today most necessary to reaffirm social cohesion and solidarity, as well as the choice in favour of the values of freedom, inclusion, equality and participation on which the European Union is founded.  

In these months we are holding several cross-European events, including seminars, workshops and video/photo-documentary exhibitions.

Stay tuned for what’s coming up!